General Instruction

• Students are required to come to school regularly in prescribed- neat,clean and tidy- Full Uniform.

• Students are not allowed to leave school premises during school hours without permission.

• Parents/ Guardians are advised to depositdue Fees by 15th day of every month, to avoid late charges. After 15th day of month fees will be collected with a fine of Rs. 5/- day.

• If fees are not deposited within two months, name of the student will be struck-of-the-rolls. Student will not be permitted to attend the class unless he/she pays the arrears alongwith current month's fees and as Rs. 100/- as Re-admission Charge.

• Parents are advised to attend 'Parents-Teachers Meeting' every month to gauge their wards academic performance.

• The school has its own transport, which is deputed to pick up and drop pupils on the nearest main road. Transport fee is charged according to the distance. One cannot discontinue transport after January, if they do so,they will have to pay for the full session.

• Parents/ Guardians are requested not to encourage providing pocket money to their wards. School does not encourage students eat outside food. Necessary Lunch/ Tiffin should be provided from home.

• Students found guilty of any kind of misconduct or misbehavior in school would be liable to suspension/ expulsion. as the case may be.

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